5 Fun Activities To Do in Lexington, KY

Moving to Lexington, but not sure what’s around? With a rich history and some of the best restaurants, there is plenty to explore in the city. Enjoy a Delicious Meal Primarily known for having the best beer cheese and burgoo, Lexington has become a one-of-a-kind culinary destination. There are over 100 independently owned restaurants in … Continued

Superfoods to Add to Your Diet in 2019

Did you make a resolution to eat healthier in 2019? Us too! By incorporating new ingredients into our recipes, we have been able to put a creative twist on a less than delicious salad, improve the sides you serve at dinner, and overall, impress your taste buds. Here are 5 superfoods to add to your … Continued

Benefits of Having a Fitness Center at Your Apartment Complex

Working towards your wellness goals is a journey is much easier when you have quick access to exercise equipment. Thanks to the fitness center at Hamburg Farms, you’ll be achieving those goals in no time! It’s easier to schedule a workout into your schedule. When you have a fitness center in your apartment complex, you … Continued