group yoga classSpring has sprung! After a long winter, it’s time to stretch your legs and get serious about your wellness goals. If you’re looking for new ways to push yourself, group fitness classes will bring some friendly competition to your workout and you might even meet a new friend!

Not sure what group fitness classes to try? Here five options.

Power Yoga – Not a fan of yoga? Before writing it off completely, give power yoga a try! By combining traditional yoga poses with loud music, lots of movement, and a hot environment, power yoga incorporates more cardio compared to traditional classes.

Spin – Indoor cycling is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to incorporate high-intensity cardio and strength training into your exercise routine. With 20-25 people in each class, staying motivated throughout the 50-minute workout is easy!

Pilates – Strengthen your core and tighten your inner thighs with the support of your classmates at Pilates! Want to go a step further and strengthen your muscles while getting a deep stretch? Opt for a reformer class.

Zumba – Who said working out had to be boring? Zumba remains a favorite group fitness class for a reason. With a combination of easy-to-follow dance steps and fast beats, you will be sweating in no time!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – If you haven’t taken a HIIT class yet, spring is the time to do so! With moves that offer a full-body workout, HIIT will help increase your metabolism and strengthen and tone your muscles.

Whether you are looking for a group fitness class closer to home or are interested in trying group fitness classes for the first time, boot camp, barre, and Zumba classes are available for Hamburg Farms residents at the fitness center. Our instructor is always switching things up so two classes are never the same!