pothosPlants are not only a great temporary option for decorating your apartment, but can also help with your mood, brighten up your space, and improve the air quality in your space. If you’re lacking a green thumb but are itching to get some greenery into your space, these plants are low-maintenance and hard to kill!


Pothos are one of the most popular indoor plants and is almost impossible to kill. With several different types, each has their own characteristics but overall are full and sport glossy, perky green leaves. Pothos are also very tolerant of all types of light conditions and can even thrive off artificial lighting.

Snake Plant

Also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant has long, sharp, pointed leaves that are tolerant of low-light and only need to be watered one to two times during the chillier winter months.

Air Plants

If you’ve been killing plants non-stop, give the air plant a try! They do not require any potting or soil and only need to be misted with water every few days, making them extremely low-maintenance. There are small pots you can purchase for air plants, but they will also thrive placed on a shelf or in with your succulents.


With around twenty-five different types of succulents, it’s easy to find one that represents your personality! From the Jade Plant to Aloe Vera and the Christmas Cactus, each has different characteristics including flowers, glossy leaves, and fuzzy ear-like leaves.

Spider Plant

Fast growing and featuring linear arching leaves, the Spider Plant is another common house plant that is easy to keep alive! Preferring light, airy conditions, the leaves will start to turn yellow if they do not have enough light. Spider Plants also propagate regularly, and the small tuft of leaves can be removed and be replanted.

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plants thrive off of bright, humid environments, so if you have a bathroom that gets a decent amount of light, this is the perfect plant for the space. The plant will also grow small basal shoots from its leaves, which can be harvested and replanted.

Wax Flowers

Originally from tropical areas of Asia and Australia, Wax Flowers are great plants to add to spaces that have a lot of natural light and thrive off warm temperatures. Blooming in late spring and into early summer, the flowers are pink in color and have a porcelain-like look to them!

Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Plants Alive

  • Always keep a 3-4” buffer between plants and a window, if possible, to protect them from too much sun or drafty conditions.
  • If your plants require bright conditions, consider an artificial grow light during the winter months.
  • Dust leaves regularly so the plants can soak in as much light as possible.
  • Most houseplants thrive in temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees – Try to keep them away from cold drafts and areas with excess heat (i.e. fireplaces and heat vents).
  • Plants in terra cotta or other unglazed, porous materials will lose moisture quickly and will need to be watered more frequently. Place your finger into the soil (about 2 inches) and if it’s dry, give it water!
  • Only report plants during the spring and summer months when growth is occurring.